The Future depends on we do in Present

                                           Mahatma Gandhi

This means that we should set aims and goals in present so that we can achieve in future.


Importance of Time Management

Time management is important for your personal life and career success. it teaches you how to manage your time effictively and make the most of it.

Here are few of the reasons why time management is important.

1. Time management will help you set up your priorities

2. Time is a special resource that you cannot store or save for later use.Everyone has the exact same amount of time each day. Time not well used cannot be retrived.

3. Time management helps you makw conscious choices, so you can spend more time doing things that are important and valuable to you.

4. You can learn to find the time for the things that are important to you.Even a small amount of time once a day, or even once a week, will take you closer to your goals, and you will be surprised at the progress you make.

5. Life today presents so many distractions, and therefore, it is very easy to lose time on unimportant activities. Ask yourself, is watching this or that gossip or participating in a certain activity is going to add anything to your life. Is the time spent on a particular activity well spent, or is just a waste of time and energy.

Always plan your time well and don’t waste it on useless matters.

Be careful not to procrastinate, and do everything in the best way you can, with focus and attention.




.Importance of education

Better education is very necessary for all go ahead in life and get develops confidence and helps building personality of a person.School education plays a great role in everyone’s life.The whole education has been divided into three divisions such as the primary education,secondary education and Higher Secondary education.All divisions of education have their own importance and benefits. Primary education prepares the base which helps throughout the life, secondary education prepares the path for further study and higher secondary education prepares the ultimate path of the future and whole life.Our good or bad education decides that which type of person we would in the future